What is Ethical Wildcrafting?

Ethical wildcrafting is a sustainable and respectful way of harvesting wild medicinal plants.  Many wild plant populations are at risk or threatened due to over harvesting, habitat loss and development.  Ethical wildcrafting practices guarantee that at risk plants are protected and left to thrive in their natural environment.  We are dedicated to the stewardship and protection of native plants through ethical and respectful practices.  We only harvest native plants that grow abundantly in their wild habitats throughout the mountains of northern California.  In addition to collecting native medicinal plants, we utilize many wild, naturalized, non-native medicinals. In order to produce the purest remedies, only robust and healthy plants are harvested in pristine environments away from roads and development.

Why are extracts produced with organic grain alcohol?

Organic grain alcohol is a superior agent for extracting the widest array of active plant constituents into solution. Alcohol acts as a preservative, maintaining the integrity of the original fresh plant’s medicinal virtues and giving the extract a shelf life of five years or more.

How long will herbal extracts remain potent?

If stored properly, in a cool dark location in amber bottles, herbal extracts can retain their potency for five years or more.

Is there an advantage to using tinctures over other herbal remedies?

Tinctures are a convenient and concentrated form of herbal medicine. They are also more easily assimilated by the body than dried herbal capsules and tablets.

Can herbal remedies affect my other medications?

Most pharmaceuticals on the market have not been tested in combination with herbal remedies. It is recommended that you consult your health practitioner before combining herbal remedies with medications.