Yerba Santa

There are a variety of species of yerba santa found throughout the southwestern United States.  Eriodictyon californicum is native to many parts of northern California and was highly valued and used extensively by Native California tribes.   Yerba Santa is a dark green bush with sticky leaves that exude highly aromatic resins.   Spanish priests extolling the medicinal virtues of the plant, coined it yerba santa, meaning “sacred” or “holy herb”.

This sacred herb continues to be a blessing for those suffering from both upper and lower respiratory problems.  Yerba Santa is most effective for sinus congestion, seasonal allergies and hay fever, as well as bronchitis, asthma and lower respiratory distress characterized by a sore throat, weak voice and moist cough.  Taken during acute symptoms, yerba santa acts as a respiratory stimulant, decongestant and expectorant.   It also produces a secondary action that dries up and reduces copious mucus.  Yerba Santa is also indicated for chronic or acute cystitis and chronic gastritis.

Yerba Santa is an indispensible herb for many people plagued by seasonal allergies as well as acute respiratory conditions.  Interested in learning more about Yerba Santa and our other Herbal Extracts?  Check out the Herbal Extracts in our shop.


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