New Tinctures Now Available: Lung Power and Mountain Power Tonic

We are excited to offer two new Compound Herb Tinctures: Lung Power and Mountain Power Tonic!

Inspired by our local, 14,180 ft. volcano Mt. Shasta and the people who climb and ski it’s slopes, our Mountain Power Tonic was created to power and support mountain athletes in their high altitude endeavors. This tincture is formulated with adaptogenic, antioxidant and cardio-tonic herbs to enhance optimal performance in extreme conditions and support the acclimatization process. Although this formula was created with mountaineers and alpine enthusiasts in mind, it can be used by anybody seeking to improve their daily mental and physical energy and stamina.

Lung Power is a tonic blend of herbs formulated to strengthen the lungs and improve breathing capacity. Crafted with herbs to strengthen connective tissue in the lungs, open the airways and reduce inflammation. This formula can be used as a daily tonic for those with lung deficiency conditions, allergies and asthma, as well as a strengthening recuperative aid after bronchial illness and inflammation.

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