Here are just a few of the positive testimonials from happy customers using wild-harvested herbs, tinctures, salves and extracts from Mt Shasta herbalist Amy Rachkowski of Wise Mountain Botanicals:

“I use Wise Mountain Botanicals on a regular basis, in particular Elderberry and Yerba Santa tinctures. I also give them to friends and family frequently because I know how well they work. I have been extremely impressed and grateful for the Respiratory Rescue formula as well. The immediacy in relief of chest congestion is hard to believe let alone describe. The same goes for the Yerba Santa tincture in relieving head and sinus congestion. I am currently using the Spicy Fire Cider as a daily immune booster and feel great every time I take it. Wise Mountain Botanicals takes great care when creating their product and I do feel that each bottle is made with intention and love. I work in a natural foods grocery store and feel confident in recommending their products to customers on a regular basis.”
Catarina – Mt. Shasta, CA.

“I usually turn to the medical profession for routine sickness and other issues. When I have tried products from ‘health food’ stores, I haven’t really noticed enough results for the money. Over the years, I have suffered from chronic sinus infections that won’t go away, even through two or even three courses of antibiotics. They become so painful that I think I have an abscessed tooth or an ear infection, so I have ended up back at the doctors and even at the dentist’s, then at the ENT’s office once every couple of years. I’m an elementary school teacher and I get sick a lot, so Amy recommended Elderberry Tincture. I take Elderberry once a day and when I feel a sinus infection coming on I start the Sinus Relief Tincture and increase the Elderberry. It has been three years since I have had a sinus infection set in, and I often feel like I’m coming down with something but I don’t get sick! I’ve tried other similar products and they don’t do anything. I think Wise Mountain Botanicals’ tinctures are so effective because of the freshness of the herbs and the way they are processed. I’m glad these tinctures are available to me, they are reasonably priced and they have improved the quality of my life. I recommend them to a lot of people.”   Scott– Teacher, Grand Oaks School- Dunsmuir, CA

“The Allergy Aid formula is the real deal! I had been suffering from ragweed and cedar allergies to the point where I could barely leave the house. I started taking over the counter allergy meds, but they only made my headache worse, that’s when a friend told me about the Wise Mountain Botanicals’ booth at our farmers market. Within a few hours of my first dropper’s worth I was starting to clear up, and by the third day, my symptoms were all but gone! So happy I found you at the market that day. Thank you, Amy!” Maggie– Mcloud, CA.

“The California Poppy Tincture has been an amazing sleep aid for me. I usually have no problem sleeping. But when I do, whether it be from anxiety, traveling, or sleeping in a new place the Poppy Tincture helps me get to sleep and wake up rested. I have never felt groggy or any residual effects from it. I swear by it. Also I have taken it as a mild sedative for anxiety attacks and it has had a wonderfully subtle effect, again without grogginess. Also when using this as a sleep aid, I have had really interesting dreams. Thank you Wise Mountain Botanicals for creating a great herbal sleep aid that can be trusted when a good night’s rest is essential.”
Jennifer – Bend, OR.

“Wise Mountain Botanicals’ Cold and Flu Away Formula helped me heal the respiratory symptoms that often in the past turned into bronchitis or pneumonia. It took only a few days to to recover while using it. It was just the right formula for me.” Donna – Mount Shasta, CA.

“Wise Mountain Botanical’s Elderberry tincture really boosted my immunity! Last winter, I was experiencing a lot of stress and that usually makes me susceptible to sickness. I took the tincture on days that I felt like a symptom was trying to set in or if I was around sick people. I ended up not getting any of the colds or flu going around town. It’s best to have two bottles, so you can keep one at work and the other at home. There are lots of elderberry products out there, but I like to know that what I use is effective and from a herbalist who cares about quality.”
Dea – Mount Shasta, CA.

“I have suffered from periodic shingles outbreaks for the past 10 years. They usually last between 14 to 21 days and are beyond painful. Thanks to a special formula Wise Mountain Botanicals made for me, I have been able to greatly reduce both the sores and the accompanying nerve pain. I feel like my recovery time has been cut in half! Thanks for all that you do Amy, your herbs are wonderful… and so are you!”  Susie-Mcloud, CA

“I am extremely impressed with the high quality products and high ethical standards of Wise Mountain Botanicals. All of the WMB products I have used, including: tinctures, salves, creams and lip balms have exceeded expectation! When I broke out with a skin rash called Pityriasis rosea, which has no clinical treatment, I went to Wise Mountain Botanicals for help. The customer service was amazing! Amy researched my condition and upon discovering its viral nature, recommended trying a salve with anti-viral herbs. She sent me home with the ‘Soothe and Heal‘ salve which I used in a test area to see if I noticed a difference. Within DAYS, the rash was gone in the test area but unchanged on the rest of my body! I started using the salve daily on the entire rash and within a week it was completely gone! Thank you so much Wise Mountain Botanicals. You have earned a customer for life!”
Nora – Dunsmuir, CA.

“I have been using herbal tinctures from Wise Mountain Botanicals since February 2011. At that time, Amy prepared a personalized tincture that greatly reduced the detox symptoms associated with my raw food cleanse. Since then, I have also used additional single herb tinctures for both lymphatic drainage and my seasonal allergies. I found Amy to be both friendly and well informed about the appropriate tinctures to use for my particular cases. I highly recommend using Wise Mountain Botanicals if you are in need of potent medicinal herbs at a very fair price.”
Zachary – Ashland, OR.

“As a female Wildland Firefighter, I am frequently far from the comforts of home. I use Wise Mountain Botanicals’ Respiratory Rescue when I’m beat up by the smoke, which helps me catch some fresh air. I also use Cold and Flu Away and Elderberry to ward off camp crud and a number of custom made tonics for my own special needs. My coworkers come to me often with ailments and I’m able to be team mom with my array of Wise Mountain tinctures.” Jessica Rose- USFS Wildland Firefighter- Santa Cruz, CA

“I am really enjoying the Love Your Lymph tincture as it has helped my leg lymphedema from swelling up. My ankles haven’t looked this good in years!!!!! I’m looking forward to continuing with this tincture and see how much better I can look in a few more months.” Elizabeth -McConnelsville, OH

“I deeply massaged the Flowing Flower Salve into my whole upper chest area & let it soak in. Oh my goodness, my chest felt so much better, it even helped with the horrid mucus-y, wet congested feeling you get when you are sick. I have been sick for 2 days now & this stuff works better than a Nyquil! I also feel like it improved my breathing. I also like the herbal, slightly sweet/minty smell. Thanks for quality products!” Daneshia, Escondido, CA
“The Dandelion Root Tincture is fresher than anything in a health food store, better price, and works better (using it successfully for liver support).” Mary, Las Vegas, NV
“I bought tinctures from you last year, and I really love them. I find your CA Spikenard Root Tincture to be really effective. I feel my body changing in response to it. And I took a bit of your Oregon Grape Root Tincture every day on a long trip to Africa, and didn’t get sick once from any bacterial/GI weirdness. Excellent products, glad to buy again.”  Julia, Bloomington, IN
“My husband came down with a cold right before New Years…coughing like crazy, congested, the whole 9 yards…so I tried the Cold and Flu Away Tincture out, and I didn’t get sick at all! So happy with this! It’s been a little over 2 weeks and he’s still coughing while I am right as rain.” Erin, Westminster, CA

“I have been using Love Your Liver for about a month and a half now. Not only has it done what I’ve hoped, but I’ve also been losing weight! Wise Mountain Botanicals not only provides great products that I keep coming back for, but great service. My experience with Wise Mountain has been outstanding and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my herbal needs.”
Amanda – Mount Shasta, CA.

“During the holidays, I was surrounded by people with colds and the flu. I suggested they take Spicy Fire Cider from Wise Mountain Botanicals, but they did not. Whilst everyone around me took turns with a three day flu, my partner and I were protected and never felt sick! Thanks Amy for this amazing product. Also, it tastes great!”
Jocela – McMinnville, OR.

“I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to have come across your website. Not only have these herbs helped me with my adrenal fatigue, they have also helped my Grandmother ease the symptoms of her Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I have experienced the tonifying energy of the Adrenal Vitality Tonic and have seen first hand the power of your Liver and Lymph formulas, all I can say is, this is some powerful stuff! Keep up the good work.”  Zak– Mcloud, CA.

“I started taking the Wise Mountain Botanicals’ Yellow Dock tincture pretty much on a whim–I read somewhere that yellow dock is the number one herb for helping with iron absorption. I’d been feeling pretty low-energy lately, and I thought what the heck, let’s see if yellow dock helps. And holy cow, does it ever! I take about 15 drops on the days I feel sort of droopy, especially on the days following my “time of the month.” The energy it gives me isn’t like caffeine or a sugar rush. It’s hard to explain, but it’s more like instead of thinking “I should go and do some work,” I just get up and do the work. I love this stuff and plan on always keeping a bottle on hand!”  Bree, Mcloud, CA
“I recently lost my cat of 16 years and found the pain of loss unbearable. That’s when my son told me about and brought me some of Wise Mountain Botanicals’ Lose Those Blues tincture. I was skeptical at first, but I noticed a positive swing in my mood within a few hours of taking a dose and now I’m finding that I’m needing to use it less and less to cope. Great stuff, many thanks.” Susan, CA