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Wise Mountain Botanicals has been creating herbal medicine from the botanical abundance of the Mount Shasta bio-region since 2010. At it’s roots, Wise Mountain is an herbal apothecary, specializing in fresh herbal extracts and herbal skin care products. Since it’s inception, the apothecary has expanded into the realm of aromatics. We now offer botanical perfumes, essential oil distillations and aromatherapeutic oils.

Wise Mountain Botanicals maintains an apothecary of over 100 herbs, locally sourced fresh from native, naturalized and cultivated medicinal plants. We are committed to providing the most vital, high quality herbal products by using only the finest ingredients. We start with fresh herbs that we harvest with care in the wild or cultivate in our gardens in Mt. Shasta, CA.  In order to create our high potency herbal tinctures, we use organic non-gmo corn or cane alcohol and pure spring water. Our herbal skin care products are blended with fair trade organic oils and butters and organic essential oils. Botanical perfumes are created from 100% pure botanical absolutes, essential oils, CO2 extracts and concretes. Sustainably wildharvested and organically grown/ no spray botanicals are used whenever possible. Botanical extracts and infused oils from our herbal apothecary are also incorporated into many perfumes. Absolutely no synthetic or animal ingredients are ever used.